To product "wood biomass" chips for fuel
from forest thinnings and constructive demolition wood residues,
for electric generation boiler equipment and/or cemenr kiln !

Shredder model SPF500S

Shredder Model SPF500S, as a biggest class of wood shredder machine

Shredder model SPF500S, 2 units installed

Shredder model SPF500S

《 Features 》

wood chips rotor of SPF500S, when opening the screen pulverized wood chips

wood chips to be in-fed
(size 40~50mm)

rotor of Shredder model SPF500S
when opening the screen

shredded wood chips
(size approx.  0~5mm)

《 Specifications 》

factors / model SPF500S SPF700T
electric power 355kW 500kW
size of
infeeding opening
W1400×L600mm W2200×L600mm
hammers free-type hammers 648 pcs free-type hammers  864 pcs
weight approx. 18 ton approx. 21 ton

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【 other kinds of equipment 】

SP Shredder

SP Shredders for shredding of wood wastes

When infeeding large volume of waste woods, wood chips are produced immediately!
Constructive demolition wood wates, waste formwork-panels for concrete, waste paletts, or squared logs can be shredded speedily and in bulk to wood chips of approx. 50 mm size

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Fuji Wood Hogger

Green Wood Logs Shredder Wood Hogger

Forest thinnings, logs stums, pruned branches, or barks can be shredded speedily to wood chips of approx. 50 mm size

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