This plant takes 22,500 tonnes per annum of waste wood such as sawmill waste and thinnings which were previously left to
Lie in hillside forest areas as well as construction waste etc., and having them thermal recycled as alternative fuel to coal for cement baking calcination.

The volume of coal required can be reduced, allowing better control of CO² emissions
and as there are no by-products as a result of incineration , it leads to extend the life of the landfill and contribute to the efficient reuse of thinnings in forest.

Tセメント会社 大分県津久見工場 木質バイオマス利用施設プラント 全景

Tsukumi Factory, T Cement Co., Oita Pref. Process Flow (↓Click on an area of the picture below to see photos.)
T社 木質バイオマス利用施設プラント フロー

処理物写真へ 二軸解砕機へ投入写真へ 二軸解砕機『バリラ』写真へ 1次破砕チップ写真へ 2次破砕機投入コンベヤ写真へ 2次破砕機写真へ ロータリスクリーン写真へ スクリーンからチップヤードの写真へ チップヤードへの写真へ 製品チップ写真へ
Twin Shaft Crusher Varila

Wood Shredder SP model Shredder

Screen VR model Rotary Screen

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