Fine Wood Chips Production Plant
Co-combustion of coal & wood biomass Fuel

  • This plant is designed for producing of wood chips for fuel for co-combustion of coal. The size and quality of wood chips products are the same as those required by normal saw-duct production plant. In addition to this, this plant is designed to meet its severe requirements, by considering whole engineering such as its production capacity, three shifts operation per day, on the viewpoints of maintenance & cleaning.
  • Products are cut-wood chips cut by wood chippers, and the equipment is designed so as to make the knife-grinding interval of the chipping equipment be expanded as long as possible, or so as to make damage to such equipment as less as possible.
  • Vibrating conveyors are laid out on the upper-stream process of the chipping equipment, and consequently sand & soil adhering on logs are dropped-down during being conveyed by vibrating conveyors. And this can reduce wear of the knives of chipping equipment as the result. The foreign-objects-discharging chute (PAT.) laid out in the shredding line reduces the possibility of fires-accident as less as possible, and reduce also wear of the hammers and screens.
  • The products are cut-chips, and the equipment is designed so that the knives grinding interval is enlarged as long as possible by eliminating of foreign object from logs, and so that counter measures for damage on the equipment are sufficiently considered
  • TRISOMAT screen outside of the chipping equipment fractionates wood chips with high acceleration of approx. 50G, and so this screen can fractionate such wood chips as contain high moisture without gumming problems, because TRISOMAT screen is robust over sands and soil
  • The shredded wood chips (cut chips) are conveyed by shaftless spiral conveyors of closed-type and/or pneumatically conveyed, and so this prevents dust and chips from falling down form the equipment. Consequently this makes maintenance work and/or cleaning work for the surroundings of the equipment be less.
Co-combustion of coal & wood chips Plant of "S" company in Iwate, Japan
main equipment Shaftless Spiral Conveyors TRISOMAT screen SPF shredder main equipment Vibrating conveyor OGA Eagle shredder OGA Eagle shredder
main equipment Shaftless spiral conveyor TRISOMAT screen main equipment OGA Eagle shredder

Wood Chips Production Plant for Biomass Fuel - Main equipment constitutes this plant
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main equipment Vibrating conveyor Vibrating conveyor OGA Eagle (sawdust making) OGA Eagle (sawdust making) Shaftless spiral conveyor Shaftless spiral conveyor Shaftless spiral conveyor Shaftless spiral conveyor Shaftless spiral conveyor Shaftless spiral conveyor Shaftless spiral conveyor Shaftless spiral conveyor TRISOMAT screen SPF shredder Wood Hogger (hammer type)

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