【Waste Wood Material Recycling Process Plant】

Waste wood chip plant designed and installed most recently by Fuji Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Green woods and constructive demolition waste wood are processed,and
wood chips of high quality are manufactured in this plant.
The production capaity is approx. 78,000 tons per year, which is
the most largest wood chip plant in eastern Japan.

Wate Wood Process Plant
"I" company in Tochigi Pref, Japan

Waste wood chip plant

【Process Lay Out】

Lay-out drawing
Twin Shafts crusher Hydraulic Twin Shaft Crusher「Varila」
Twin Shafts Crusher『Varila model SG350G』
  is equipped with two large hydraulic motors (132 kW x 2 units)
  which drive two rotors, and these two rotors crush waste green
  wood material like stumps.
hydraulic twin shafts crusher『varila』 「Varila」and an apron conveyor
・The crushed material is conveyed from the lower side of the Twin
  Shafts Crusher "Varila SG350" to the next secondary shredder
  by the apron conveyor.
Waste wood shredder『SP shredder』 Magnetic Separator
Ferous foreign objects are to be separate by the magnetic
  separator before being in-fed into the secondary shredder.
SP shredder Waste wood "SP Shredder"
By Waste Wood Shredder model "SP350H", (250kW) 
  the waste wood material is shredded into approx. 50 mm long.

・The wood waste material can be in-fed in to the shredder
  SP350H, not through the primary shredder.
heavy foreign objects discharging chute Heavy Foreign Objects Discharging Chute (PAT.)
・When heavy and large foreign objects such as metals or stones are
  in-fed into the shredder, such foreign obkects are discharged
  from the line, and this prevents fire accident consequently.
Rotary Screen VR2241M 選別機「VR型ロータリースクリーン」
By "VR" Rotary Screen model "VR2242M",
  the shredded material is fractionated into chip products, dust and
  over-size chips.

・Over-size chips are returned to "SP Shredder SP350H",and
   are shredded again.
Density Separator 2 units of Density Separators
・Heavy foreign objects like non-ferous material, pebbles or sand
  which can not be separated by the magnetic separator are
  separated by Density Separators.

製品チップヤード Chip Yards
・The product chips are storaged through conveyors.
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