Wood Chips Production Plant
Wood Biomass Fuel

  • This shows the wood chips production plant for biomass fuel which manufactures wood chips for biomass fuel in Tohoku area.
    Timbers from forest thinning (adhered with less sand & soil) are cut with Fuji King Chipper into wood chips, and crooked logs, stumps, branches & leaves and over-size wood chips screened by the screening machine are handle with Fuji Wood Hogger (Knives type) into wood chips. These wood chips are delivered to an adjacent generation plant.

  • The vibrating conveyors laid-out on the upper-stream of the chipper works for vibrating-out sand & soil from logs, and this is effective to reduce earlier worn-out of the chipper knives.
  • The Rotary Screen for screening is provided with a “Clamshell” type [under applying for the patent] of the screens divided into 8 pieces on the upper deck so that the screens can be easily cleaned and maintained.
"I" Plant in Iwate, Japan
Wood chips plant for Biaomass energy wood hogger king chipper vibrating conveyor rotary screen

Wood Chips Production Plant for Biomass Fuel - Main equipment constitutes this plant
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main equipment Vibrating conveyor Vibrating conveyor Vibrating conveyor Vibrating conveyor Wood hogger Wood hogger King chipper Rotary screen Rotary screen
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