For production of green wood chips and highly valued chips for pulp material

【FUJI King System】Royal Road for Production of Green Wood Chips and Highly Valued Chips for Pulp Material-Green Wood Chips Production facility

Now the demand of green wood chips for pulp materil is increasing

FUJI King System is the Wood Chips production facility produced with confidence by FUJI Kogyo Co. Ltd., who has been developing and producing Wood Chippers, Debarkers and Chip Screens over 50 years and is proud of tremendously many sets of wood chipper machines.

With this system highly valued wood chips for pulp material can be produced even from logs of small diameter and curved logs such as forestry thinnings or remainder logs.
Recently "the technology to make much of Timber Resource"attracts attention of Pulp manufactures and wood panel factories (MDF, OSB and so on) and a lot of wood chip production facilities has been installed not only in Japan but also foreign countries

FUJI King Systme, which consists of Debarker, Chipper and Chip screen as main facility, is capable to manufacture wood chips of high value and high quality by preventing logs of small diameter from being broken and by debarking with high efficiancy.

Comp. FUJI King Debarker FUJI King Chipper Rotary Chip Screen
Outline Tremendous many istallation reference over 250 sets as the result of evaluation of high efficent debarkers of low supply energy. These debarkers have been manufacytured in North America by a licensee of us.
The debarking concept of preventing logs of small and midium diameter from being broken capables debarking curved logs.
High efficient debaking makes high quality chippes' production possible on the next process after debaking.
Tremendaously many delivery results over 250 sets with our technology based on long term experience.
Through the "Outer chipping" concept with rather low revolution of disk, the chipping process is kept stable and results in capability of producing of homogeneous chips of high-quality.
Tremendously many instalation results over 350 sets, A dymamic horizontal screening action together with a crefully calculated screen inclination enables excellent screening capability and less-bridging on screen, with low vibration and low operation noize.,

Fuji King System
FUJI King System 
70ton/hr x 1 ine

MDF factory, in East West Asia 
King Debarker 
50ton/hr×2 lines
OSBfactory in Canada
King Debarker 
Acacia Mangeum
Pulp factory in East West Asia

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