For production of green wood chips and highly valued chipps for pulp material

【FUJI King Debarker】
BR15, BR16,BR19 Series
Logs of small diameter and curved logs such as forestry thinnings and forestry remainder logs can be debarked.
Splendidly many sales results over 180 sets in Japan and over 70 sets in foreign countries !
Enjoyed high reputation that Fuji King Debarkers can debaker stringy logs with high debarking efficincy.

《 Fetures 》


logs roll & rotate themselves in their axis.

logs rock in the module.

・whote rotation
logs rotate and revolute in the module

less beaking of logs of small diameter

Infeeding of Eucalypus (South East Asia) Movable Debarking System in North America

Movable King System in N.Amerca

           《 Specifications 》

Standard model Module width x length Rotors Capacity m3/month
BR160908W1 1.6m wide x 9m 2 rotors 1,400 - 2,200 37kW x 1 motor
BR161208W1 1.6m wide x 12m 2 rotors 1,900 - 3,000 22kW x 2 motors
BR161508W1 1.6m wide x 15m 2 rotors 2,400 - 3,800 22kW x 1 motor
37kW x 1 motor
BR161808W1 1.6m wide x 18m 2 rotors 3,100 - 4,800 37kW x 2 motors
BR190907W 1.9m wide x 9m 2 rotors 2,200~2,800 55kW x 1 motor
BR191207W 1.9m wide x 12m 2 rotors 2,800~3,500 45kW x 2 motors
BR191507W 1.9m wide x 15m 2 rotors 3,500~4,300 55kW x 2 motors
BR191807W 1.9m wide x 18m 2 rotors 4,300~5,000 55kW x 2 motors

 based on Green wood solid volume(w/o bark) Average diameetr 100mm 7hr/day x 23day/month

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