for Shredding of green wood logs into wood chips

Green Wood Logs Shredder
   Wood Hogger

From the view points of "Global Warming Issue" and "Environment Conservation Issue", it has recently attracted attention to effectively utilize wood biomass resources which are carbon-neutral and are also effective to reduce Carbon Deoxide(CO2).
Fuji Wood/Hopper has been developed;
     so as to effectively utilize thinning residues which have not been utilized well, and
     so as to cope with such situation that constructive demolition wood waste has not been sufficiently collected.
This machine is sperior to conventional mobile type of shredders in the points of maintenance, fuel consumption and cost of electricity.

《 Materials to be shredded》

《 Features 》

 note: In case of handling with constructuve demolition waste which possibly includes metal foreign objects,
            our Shredders model SP type is recommendable.

《 Application 》

thinning residues (logs) pruned branches logs stumps
before thinning residues before pruned branches before logs stumps before
after thinning residues after pruned branches after logs stumps after


wood chips for fuel, board materialand pulp,and
wood chips for compost, animal bedding and carbonized chips

《 Specifications 》

hammer type rotor knife type rotor
ハンマ式ロータ ナイフ式ロータ

Type Hammer Type Knife Type
model SL1260A SL1560D SL1275B SL1575C SL1060R
sizes W6.6m x L11 m x H3m W5.4m x L11.8m x H4.4m W6.6m x L11.4m x H3.5m W7.1m x L11.4m x H3.6m W6.1m x L11.0m x H2.9m
infeed. conveyor W1.2 × L7 m W1.5 × L7 m W1.2 × L7 m W1.5 × L7 m W1.0m x L6.8m
infeed. spout size W1.2 × H0.6 m W1.5 × H0.6 m W1.2 × H0.75 m W1.5 × H0.75 m W1.05m x H0.6m
rotor diameter 920 mm mm 1200 mm 1200 mm 1060 mm
Q'ty of hammers 18 pcs 24 pcs 22 pcs 24 pcs -
Q'ty of knives - - - - 15 pcs
revolution of shaft 800 min-1 800 min-1 600 min-1 600 min-1 450 min-1
feeding roller dia. 1250mm mm 1550mm 1550mm 1250mm
upper casing driven by a hydraulic cylinder
discharging screen made by a piece of thick steel plate provided with several openings
Power 160~200 kW ~280 kW 250~315 kW 315~400 kW 250 kW
capacity※ approx. 4~8 t/h approx. 6~12 t/h approx. 6~12 t/h approx. 8~16 t/h approx. 30 t/h

※ The above capacity is estimated on the basis of handling of wood-chip size: 50~60 mm long.
      The above capacity depends on several kinde of factors such as shape and moisture content of material to be shredded.

《 Wood-Hogger model SL1575C was installed in "T" Company in Osaka. 》

from the shredding mill side from the infeeding conveyor side
from the shredding mill side from the infeeding conveyor side

《 Wood-Hogger model SL1560D newly added to the series 》

    This model has been designed, so as to make the maintenance work easier than the existing model

from the shredding chamber from the infeeding side
from the shredding chamber from the infeeding side
at the site where this model is installed at the site where this model is installed
at the site where this model is installed at the site where this model is installed

《 Comparison with conventional shredders of mobile type 》

factors mobile shredders stationary (ours)Fuji Wood Hogger
maintenance a lot less
Fuel・electrical cost more less
operation noize more less
mobility possible impossible

《 other models of wood shredders》

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