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Wood Chips for Pulp Material Production
Wood Processing Equipment
Plants|Debarker|Chipper Logs | Large Logs | Debarking | Bark
Screen Wood Chips
Equipment for the processing of waste
Crushing and Shredding Sorting and Separating
Waste Plastics | PET Bottles | Film | Vinyl Sheeting Rough Separation of Mixed Waste (Stationary)
Tyres | Styrofoam Rough Separation of Mixed Waste (Mobile)
Waste Paper (newspapers, magazines, cardboard boxes etc.) Contamination Removal | Compost Grading
Cloth | Leather | Felt | Blankets | Carpet Stone RemovalRemoval of Contamination from Ash  Landfill Waste
Rubber  Wood Chip Rotary Screens
TV's | Stereos | Refrigerators | Washing Machine | Fans Wood Chip High Speed Screens
Vending Machines | Bicycles | Small Motorcycles etc. Concrete & Asphalt
Steel Drums |Bulky Municipal Waste | Furniture Density Separation | Purification |  Gypsum Board
Mixed Construction Waste
Mixed Waste | Mobile Crusher
Primary Wood Shredders | Wooden Pallets | Demolition Waste
Bark | Sawdust | Livestock Bedding | Compost | Manure Compaction and Solidification
Secondary Wood Shredders | Stumps and Roots | Tub Grinders
Thinnings | Prunings | Mushrooms
Concrete, Asphalt, Cement Blocks
Waste from Dams, Waterways | Flotsam | Gypsum Board